Bottle Sales

Along with the ability for you to make your own “personal” batch of wine here at Bader Winery, we also have the following wines available for sale by the bottle.

Mix and match these wines and receive the following discount:

3 bottles or more: 5% discount

6 bottles or more: 10% discount

12 bottles or more: 15% discount

White Wines:
Sauvignon Blanc – $12.99 750 ML
Our Sauvignon Blanc has the signature mineral-steely flavors of the American style, dry with a hint of fruit

Pinot Gris – $12.99 750 ML
Fruity with medium acidity, great with cheese and meats of all kinds.

Chardonnay – $12.99 750 ML
Slightly oaked with a touch of vanilla. A great drinking wine.

Riesling – $12.99 750 ML
Typical Riesling flavors with a hint of sweetness, floral aromas of apricot and a hint of peach.

Red Wines:
Pinot Noir – $15.99 750 ML
Smooth tannins and subtle cherry flavors make this well balanced wine great for sipping. Lightly oaked

Cabernet Sauvignon – $15.99 750 Ml
Big Cab flavors of blackberry, big and chewy, with a nice long tannic finish. Great with a hearty meal.

Merlot – $15.99 750
A blend of Merlot with 13% Cab Franc and 7% Cabernet Sauvignon, give this wine a wonderful complex flavor.