Masks are all those equipments and devices that a person can wear on their face and using which you can protect yourself and can protect yourself from the harmful particles in their air. However, there are many different types of masks that are available for your use, but they all have a different aspect and purpose for wearing them.

One of the significant pieces of equipment that you have in your hand is the N95 masks that are going to protect you from the particles in the air. These masks have shared a lot of market space, and it is all because of the COVID-19, due to which people are raising are its demand.

What is the difference?

N95 masks are a little bit different from the normal surgical masks that are available in the market, but what are the possible differences that you can see in them? Below you can go through the difference in detail mentioned below:-

Ordinary surgical masks

The ordinary surgical mask is something that you can typically see when you visit a doctor. Still, nowadays, it is also very much common as people use to wear in order to gain some sort of protection from the viruses. Get detailed info about KN95 respirator masks visit on pandemicpal.

A Short description about N95 masks

This particular mask is quite different from an ordinary surgical mask because these masks can seal the face completely and protect you from the fittings.

Apart from this, the mask also has the best ever filtration feature. By using this feature, you will get the chance to breathe safely in the air as you can keep the pollutants away from you.

It is not tough at all to understand the basic differences between these two types of masks but in todays covid 19 times, you must use N95 one.