DSM-5 stands for the diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders, fifth edition. It is a diagnostic tool that is published by APA (American Psychiatric Association) for people. We don’t know many things about the issues like adhd, depression, and autism. And that is why; we have got the symptoms of these diseases according to DSM-5 for kids. To know more about adhd medication, go to adhdsnap.

1, dsm 5 adhd

  • Failing to give the attention
  • Makes careless mistakes at school
  • Not able to pay attention to tasks or activities
  • Keeps zoning out
  • Trouble in organizing tasks or things
  • Forgetful and distracted of daily activities

2, dsm 5 depression

  • A depressed mood can be like an irritable mood of the kids.
  • Not showing interest or any pleasure in doing the fun activities.
  • Change in weight or appetite can also be a sign.
  • Insomnia or hypersomnia
  • Lethargy or loss of all the energy
  • Not able to concentrate or feeling worthless
  • Agitation and retardation

3, dsm 5 autism

  • Regression in development
  • Not able to see where the other person is pointing, also known as protodeclarative pointing.
  • Abnormal reactions
  • Not able to be normal in social interactions
  • Not smiling when someone is greeting by even familiar people of the family.
  • No typical responses or show of pain or physical injury
  • Delays and deviations in language
  • No sign of symbolic play
  • Repetitive behavior or stereotyped one

These are the symptoms that we can see in the person in the respective diseases. It is surely possible to treat them, but the most important thing is giving validation and not treating them like there is severely something wrong. They are already going through some things that are not good for their health. So giving them support and getting all possible knowledge about it is very important.