Growing your shares in different companies is an investment you have most probably considered if not tried already. How about getting the stocks for free?

As crazy as it may appear, there are different ways on how to get free stocks. Today different brands are devising new ways of creating awareness of their companies and Apps. They are giving away shares of their companies to create traffic on people engaging and relating with them.

It’s important to note that this is not a new marketing strategy as it has been there for a long time. However, more companies have endorsed the idea due to its rated success. Below are some of the companies and how to get free stocks from them.

M1 Finance

M1 Finance is well known for its distinct automation of an investment of stocks. This option allows you to choose from more than 80 portfolios done by experts on how to trade your money or indicate your preferences, and the platform does all the work for you.

M1 Finance is available for free and allows interested individuals to sign up through a link they have provided on their website. A bonus of $30 is loaded on your account upon registration with a possible $30 increment for any referral that comes through you.  


As its name suggests, this company bases its operation publicly. Public allows you to follow its investors and take part in group chats with other Public users. Also, Public is free to use and has no cap on your lowest deposit or balance. Official statement is an expert of free stocks for signing up.

As for how to get the free stocks, Public follows the same procedure of signing up. This process lasts only a few minutes, after which your account is loaded with $5.

There are many more ways to get free stocks, but comparing the M1 Finance and Public shows differences that stand out. M1 Finance is automated, while Public allows you to interact with its other users. This diversity gives you a deeper scope on what you will base your choice.