General Testing Instructions About Froehde Kit You Should Know

If you are new in using froehde test kit then you must focus on one thing which is the general instructions. This kit is being used only for testing out the cocaine. You can simply read out the manual given with the kit and it will be going to help you a lot.

This kit is highly in demand because most of the people are always being curious about testing cocaine and substance related to it. Also there are different other functionalities too like you can check cocain in anything you doubt like food or drinks. Learn more about froehde reagent testing kit on wimscilabs.

Essential guidelines you need to keep in mind

Guidelines are necessary in order to have a better and safe testing. Also if you are expecting faster results then you must focus on the instructions first of all. Following are the one for you-

  1. Use tiny objects- If you want to test out the pill then you must scratch it carefully with a tiny object and pour it on tiny plate.
  2. Use enough powder- Always pour enough powder on the plate that it is visible with naked eyes. Do not go for pinch of powder as that won’t be visible.
  3. Safety container- Make sure you are using a safety container in which you have to pour reagent bottle for conducting the test.
  4. Use reagent on powder- Now this is the main step in which you have to carefully drop the reagent drop on the powder.
  5. Observe the color- Results are always based on the color so you need to observe that and match it with the color panel.

These are some of the instructions that you need to keep in mind while using testing kit in order to test cocaine pills.