Bader Winery .:. “Your Personal Winery”

Bader Winery is a new kind of wine experience. We sell wine by the bottle for those of you thirsty today, and also give you the option of making your own “personal” batch of wine.

Visit our “Bottle Sales” page for wines you can purchase today to enjoy, and our Red Wine and White Wine pages for wines you can make here.

Imagine serving a bottle of wine at your next party with your own personal label! We turn that dream into reality, and you get to have fun doing it.

We have taken the “work” out of winemaking, and replaced it with fun for you. Our in-store staff will help you choose the perfect wine for you, and continue to assure you of a quality wine by pampering your wine while it is fermenting at our winery.

Are you thirsty yet? Here are the steps to making your own vintage.

You decide what wine you want to make from our over 25 different wines. Each batch makes 23 Liters (6.1 gallons) of wine, which is approximately 30 standard size (750-ML) bottles. We provide all the equipment (except bottles) you need to make your wine.

On the first day, we pour the grape juice and some filtered water into your pre-sanitized fermenter, and you add the yeast and other required fining agents or wood chips depending on the type of wine you are making. For example, many white wines are not fermented in oak, so there would be no oak chips to add, while our Australian Cabernet Shiraz has 4 packages of Oak chips; 2 toasted and 2 untoasted.

We then monitor the fermentation of your wine in our temperature controlled fermentation room, and then rack (transfer) your wine from the first fermenter to the second fermenter to help the wine clear. Prior to bottling, we also filter your wine to assure you a clear and stable wine.

You should call or email to make an appointment to bottle your wine with us around the 4th week. (you bottle after 7 weeks) Bottling and labeling should take you about 45 minutes.

On bottling day, you return to bottle your wine with our semi-automatic bottling line, similiar to what a small winery would use. You may bring in your own clean bottles to fill, or we have clean, unlabled bottles available for sale. First you sanitize your bottles, then fill them with our 4-head bottle filler, and cork the bottles with our semi-automatic bottle corker.

We then print your personalized label, and you place your self-sticking label and matching shrink seal on your bottles, along with the mandatory government warning label. While you are bottling, many customers have a small glass of their wine to “evaluate” the flavor. We are so confident you will enjoy your wine, that we guarantee your satisfaction.

After your wine is bottled, you take your wine home . You then age your wine as long as you can wait! We recommend approximately 2 months of aging for most of our white wines, and 4 to 6 months for most of our red wines.

 Then enjoy your wine!